Thursday, January 12, 2017


This journey started two years ago, when my husband was offered a new job. We were living in central Georgia at the time. It had been a good home for over 9 years, but his job was difficult, and we were eager for a change. His new company was a great company, we could get out of Georgia and be several states closer to our family who all lived in the west. So, we leapt at the opportunity.

The husband moved to Colorado in February, the kids and I stayed to finish up the school year and try and sell the house.  Unfortunately, the housing market was still very sluggish from the downturn. At the end of the school year our house had hardly had anyone look at it. We had already spent three months apart though and we didn’t like it. We moved to Colorado over Memorial Day.

It took until the end of August for our house in Georgia to sell.  We had to drop the price below what we paid for it but we were lucky with only 8 months. Many houses had been on the market for years.  Once our house had sold we could finally get down to purchasing a new home here.

Every weekend we would drive around, passing houses or properties we had seen for sale. It was frustrating because the housing market in Colorado was so busy. Houses were listed and sold within hours, usually for over asking price.  Because it had taken so long for our house to sell, we had come to know Colorado pretty well. We knew which area we wanted to live in. The husband really wanted to build. I wasn’t quite sold on the idea but gave in when I realized how important it was to him. We narrowed our searches to land. Because we had looked at so many it didn’t take us long to pick and offer on a nice property. 

 10 acres, some grazing land near the road and a wooded area up the hill. 

The previous owners had had it for 20 years but never done anything with it so there was lots of clean up needed but it seemed perfect.

It was very exciting to finally have something to move forward with. We closed on the land the week after Thanksgiving. Then the real fun started.


  1. That is a good start for the New Year.
    10 acres is good property.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It is a good property, we're very excited.