Monday, February 20, 2017

First Structure.

In March we found ourselves with a need. Most of our things were in a storage unit we were paying a high monthly fee for. The unit was so packed we couldn't access anything. We wanted to move some things to our property. Also, we were moving apartments and our new one didn't allow cats. Our cats needed to go to the property and needed somewhere to stay that was sheltered from weather and predators. We didn't have electricity, and it was still pretty snowy so buying and building a shed kit was not the best option. Plus there was the whole money thing.

We decided to go old school. It only had to last for a year or so anyway.

We had plenty of logs from all the trees we were cutting down. Why not use them? 

This was the start of our shed. We braced the insides with metal rods in the ground and 2x4s.  We put poles over the top, layered on branches that still had needles, then covered it with a tarp. 

We also had to dig out that stump right there. Fun times.

This is a picture of just half of the shed. We ended up with a nice area to store some things. We also put in a home for the cats. It's nothing fancy, but it's lasted us for a year so far. It's been a good shed and was our first structure on our property. 


  1. That's really neat! Hope the cats appreciated all the effort :P

    1. Yeah, we're awesome like that. I'm pretty sure the cat's appreciated it. A few weeks after we finished it snowed almost three feet in just a couple days. Nice to be in a shelter.