Monday, February 27, 2017

Mouse in the House

It was a normal morning. Breakfast, chores, getting ready for school. We bundled up in our winter clothing, ready to face the chill weather outside, put on backpacks, had family prayer, and opened up the door to face the day.

As soon as the door opened a little mouse ran in.

It must have been sheltering (or stuck) between the door and the storm door. It hid under some furniture right there by the door. The kids thought it was cool. I, not so much. I really didn't want a mouse in the house. And, even though it was small, about the size of my thumb, I really didn't want to catch a mouse. I didn't want to be late taking the kids to school. But there was a MOUSE in my house.

I had to catch it. That was all there was to it. I couldn't leave it. Who knows where it would be when we got back. In the food? The kitchen is right next to the front door. In our clothes, our beds??? No, the only option was to catch it and quick so I could get the kids to school on time.


I managed to herd the mouse into a corner and block off all escape routes. Then, after shifting a bunch of things in the entryway I was able to get in position to drop a cup over him. This sound so simple on paper. Or computer screen as it is. There were a lot of things being thrown around and a lot of 'ewww's, 'we're going to be late for school's, " 'Mini-Engineer, can you hold this?' 'NO!' "s and 'but I want to pet it's.

After containing it in the cup I slid a thick paper underneath, then used a knife to keep the paper on tight. I dropped it into a Rubbermaid container. Unfortunately, as I did that there was a gap and the mouse tried to get out but, as I put it down, the cup came down on his neck. He didn't make it. So, we threw him in the gutter.

Then we celebrated mommy's braveness and survival skills. Then we rushed to school, getting there at the last bell. I believe my parting words to the kids that day were "Run! I'm not signing you in tardy with the excuse that there was a mouse in the house."

Why do these things happen when Lumberjack is out of town?


  1. Too bad he didn't make it, but well that sort of thing happens when they invade a house. I tried to catch a bat in a cup once and totally failed. I mean I looked so stupid trying to catch the dang thing, I made Jerry Lewis look graceful.

    1. I could have made a great comedic partner.

  2. Way to be brave and take on the mouse. I would have done the same thing...except it wouldn't have bothered me. I guess that's how it goes when you grow up with 5 brothers--no excuses to be timid. =)

  3. Aww, poor mousie. My first thought was you should have fetched one of the cats!
    I really don't know what I would do but I think I'd end up in the same situation as you...

    1. Unfortunately the cats were half an hour away. And let's face it, they're kind of lazy.

  4. I admire your courage during what I imagine was a very tense situation.