Monday, May 15, 2017

Easy Street

I don’t know why Lumberjack and I always do things the hard way. Maybe if I could figure it out I could stop doing it. Why do we always make the decisions contrary to popular practice, or financial benefit? Do we see the world differently? Or are we just stupid? 

The problem is, sometimes, we know it’s not the ‘best’ decision by worldly standards, but we know it’s the ‘right’ decision. And all the way through the struggles and living, we still know it’s the right decision, but that knowing doesn’t make it easy.   

Maybe someday we’ll reach easy street. Until then, we’ll try to keep making the ‘right’ decision and hope that someday it’s also the ‘easy’ choice.

Monday, May 1, 2017

April showers...

...bring a lot of snow.  So much so that our civic was buried.

Yep, snow up to the mirrors.

While it dumped a lot of snow on us in 24 hours, there was something so very nice about being in our home, a fire in the wood stove (remember all the firewood we have?) And being together as a family, safe, in our very own home. All in all it was a very pleasant day.

Until it wasn't. 

Lumberjack had an early flight Sunday morning, and we were a little worried about getting out of our driveway. So we decided to do a test run. We needed one more door for our bank inspection Monday morning, so Saturday afternoon we decided to try driving out. We didn't take the civic. Even in our four wheel drive we ended up sliding off into a ditch. And couldn't get out. Luckily our neighbor came by after awhile and pulled us out. Lumberjack went to the store and we parked on the road until conditions were better.

Yeah, it's a 700 or so yard walk up to the house. Uphill. Which isn't fun while carrying a door and lumber. But much better than getting stuck again.

The kids were off school today for assessments so decided to go sledding this morning. While doing that we found these near our shed.

I"m pretty sure it's a bear track.

Here is a picture of it next to my son's foot for a size reference.

I love living in the mountains!